Ryder Cup 2021 Preview

The final countdown of the 2021 Ryder Cup is underway. In about less than 4 months’ time, the Ryder Cup will begin at the Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wisconsin. The dates for the Ryder Cup have been released with 22nd September 2021 at the beginning of the tournament and the final day will be on the 27th of September 2021. The tournament will be played between two teams viz the US team and the European team.

There are reports suggesting that the tournament might be moved to next year but as of now, there are no plans as such.

The official at the European tour told reporters that there is no such news and the only speculation is going on nothing else. However, there was a tweet saying that the tournament was supposed to be postponed are not correct.

The touring European team will try to defend the Ryder Cup when they play against the US team. The European team is led by Padraig Harrington, while the American team is led by Steve Stricker.

Viewers can watch the live coverage of Ryder Cup Golf through the official website of GOLF TV.

The first couple of championships were delayed and this has, in fact, caused a chaotic situation in the men’s golf calendar. The two majors that were postponed are the Masters that was supposed to be held next month, and the PGA tour that was supposed to be held in May at the Harding Park in San Francisco.

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Postponing the Ryder Cup

There are reports that the locals are making preparations for the Masters to be rescheduled from 8th to 11th of October but there has been no confirmation from the officials. If the Ryder Cup is delayed then the calendar will be much simpler as the other golf tournaments will resume soon. It will also make a return the usual biennial match to odd years in the calendar. Tickets for Ryder Cup are already on sale through the official website of the Ryder Cup.

The move to even years following the postponing of the 2001 match at the Belfry after the September 11 attacks in the U.S. as the Ryder Cup is scheduled in the same year in which the football world cup and the Olympic games are scheduled. Shifting the dates from the regular dates must be beneficial as that would mean that the event will not overlap with the other bigger sporting events in the world.

The Ryder Cup is one of the most sought after events in the golfing sport. It appears that the 2021 championship should be decided as soon as possible. Because there is a lot of excitement in terms of commercial aspects and also in playing terms. It will be interesting to see which team will be benefited from the playing conditions at the Whistling Straits, will it be the US or the European team.

The US team likes the wide fairways, fast greens, and the short roughs, as a lot of golf courses, are designed in such a way. The US team might find it hard due to the presence of the rolling sandy hills. The golf course, however, could be an exciting venue for the stroke plays. The Ryder Cup is the most exciting golf tournament and is certainly the most exciting.

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